Welcome to FiberDK

Fiberoptics is being roled out all over the world, but not everything is being made in the most correct way. This will have a great influence on the expected lifetime, and some installations are being made in a not so efficient way.

Fiberdk has been training  for over 15 years,  and has lots of experience with FTTH installations Training around the wourld, in places like Jinja, in Uganda, Dubai and also as far north as  Ilulssat on  Greenland, north of the poler circle.

Are you in  need of fiber optic training, drop me a mail. Under the technical part, is a large section on fiber theory, this section will continue to expand with new subjects. Fiberdk is able to offer certifications, from many companys, Ericsson, Emtelle, Prysmian, FOA, OFS, 3M, VeEX, Cundux,KeyFibre and Fremco, ensuring that you get high quality training. Fiberdk is starting a fibre optic trainingschool in Uganda www.fiber-technologies.com


Fiberdk is now a Fiber Optic Association aproved training school. This means that we can now give you an international fiber optic certificate for your quilafications. If you want a cource, then it will be made available. Fiberdk is now certified by FlukeNetworks to give CCTT certifications.

Fiberdk is helping start a Fiberoptic training school in Oman, we will be offering many courses, which have not been offered in this area before, including all of the FOA certifications

New course Fiber installations in Hospitals (OpitcalLAN)

Planned certifications:

CFOT-FTTH 30th September to 4th October Copenhagen

CFOT-FTTH 7th October to 11th October Copenhagen

CFOT 28th October -1 November Middelfart English

CFOS/D FTTH design 11th – 15th November Middelfart English / Dainish

CFOT-FTTH 25th October – 29th October Copenhagen

CFOT-FTTH 9th December – 13th December Copenhagen

CFOT-FTTH 13th – 17th January 2020  Copenhagen

CFOT-FTTH 10th-14th February 2020  København