Wellcome  to FiberDK

Fiberdk is an international company , offering training in fiber and copper. Covering LAN and WAN design, installation, testing and faultfinding.

Fiber is being installed around the world and lots not being installed in the correct way, this will mean installation will have a shorter lifetime than expected

I have over 20 years of experience in fiber training, including FTTH training training around the world in places like Jinja – Uganda, Ilulissat North Greenland, North of the poler circle.

So if you are in need of training or consultancy please contact me

Fiberdk offers many certifications certifications , Ericsson, Emtelle, OFS, Prysmian, Fremco, Fluke Networks,3M, VeEX , Condux, and FOA whis is a garanti of high quality. Apart from training I also do measuring and quality control on customer installations


Fiberdk is now a FOA training center

Fiberdk is certified by Flukenetworks to do CCTT training in the Nordic countries

Planned training

CFOT-FTTH 12-16 June Sydhavn

CFOT-FTTH 19-25th June Roskilde

CFOT 4-8 July Kampala Uganda

CFOS/D 10-14 July Kampala Uganda

CFOS/H 17-21 July Kampala Uganda

CFOS/T 24 -28 July Kampala Uganda

CFOT-FTTH 21-25 August Sydhavn

CFOT 4-8 September Hvidovre

CFOS/T 11-15 September Hvidovre

CFOT-FTTH 18-22 September Odense

CFOT-FTTH 25-29 September Sydhavn

CFOS/H 6-17 November Hvidovre

CFOT-FTTH 30 October til 3 November Sydhavn

CFOT-FTTH 4-8 December Sydhavn