CWDM and DWDM – Kurser – Duration 2 days

Are you running out of fiber, or bandwidth. Then using WDM technology, you can increase both. Its like takeing a two fiber installation and changing it to a 36 fiber installation, or even more.

During the two days, we first build a CWDM installation, with 40Km of fiber between the end stations. This is upgraded to a DWDM installation. And later the DWDM is put on the CWDM so all is running at the same time. We install an OADM Optical Add Drop Multiplexer in the middle so me can drop or and a single channel. We use an OTDR, WDM Power Meters, and broadband lightsource together with an OSA(Optical Spectrum Analyser)  The course is a combination of theory and labs, giving a good  understanding of wavelengths, signal widths and attenuation. During the two days you have to mount nearly 100 patch cords.