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Cleaning and inspection – duration ½ day

Over 80% of all network failures are due to dirty connecters Are you a network user and do you install fiber patch cords, then this might be interesting for you. a short introdiuction to fiber optics, and then cleaning different types of connecters. Both wet and dry cleaning, and then checking with a videoprobe. We […]

Data Center Cabling – Duration 3 days

Data Center Cabling,  Are you used to installing fiber optic installations and starting in the datacenter area, with new connecters and cable installation methods Date Center equiptment acrhitecture Data Center cabling optins Installation of varioous cable type, and termination options MPO/MTP, Male/Female, KeyUp/KeyDown Testing short  MPO/MTP installations with Light Source/ Powermeter and OTDR

Quality assessment of Fiber installations – Duration 5 days

Do you have a job where you have to determine the quality of a fiber installation. International standards, ISO,TIA,EN Fiber theory Cable theory strain relief, bending, installation, protecting what do we need to test assessment of measurements, OLTS, OTDR assessment of installations During the training we will look at different installations and look for all […]

Fiber in hospitals FTTO – OLAN – Duration 10 days

Lots of super hospitals are being built at the moment, or being upgraded, this means that we have to employ lots of new people to solve the problem. They are all being built with Fiber FTTO or OLAN as its called. This gives you a cheaper and more future proof installation. This course takes you […]

CFOS/T Certified Fiber Optic Specialist – Test – duration 5 days

Testing Fiber optic network Two days with OLTS testing (Light Source and Power meters) using mandrils and the latest Encircled Flux cables, measuring on Singlemode and multimode OM1-OM4 installations, Using equiptment from Sun, Exfo, Kingfisher, Viavi Then 4 days with OTDR measuring. measuring on real installations, and detecting all types of events, connectors, PC, UPC, […]

CFOS/D Certified Fiberoptic Specialist – Design – Duration 5 days

This certification is for you you are in the process of designing networks. How do you choose the right fiber, the right enclosure, the right cable, the correct installation method, blowing cables, laying cables, how and what to test. Introduction to fiber optic design Overview of Fiber Optic Installations both outside plant and premises Planning […]

Ericsson Ribbonet Certification – Duration Two days

A two day course for people experienced with fiber. During the course you will learn to install Ericsson’s Ribbonet FTTH system. In brief, the course comprises: Handling of ducts, fiber and cables Installation of ODFs and enclosures Ribbonet fiber splicing Blowing with Ericsson’s air blow gun The course is a mix of theory and practice. […]