Fiber Characterization – Kurser – Duration 4 days

The course includes advanced measuring theory, how and when to perform OSA, CD and PMD measurements.

What are the consequences, if you do not measure? How do you characterise fiber, so you will be able to find out, if it may be used for e.g. 10 or 40 Gbit or the coming 100Gbit installations? We will measure on different types of fiber, such as G.652, G.653, G.655 and G.656and G.657.

The course is a mix of theory and practical measurements
on installations, with a length of more than 250 km of fiber. It will be a great advantage, if you first have completed the OTDR course.
The course may be held as a five day course as well, including OTDR and OSA measurements. It will also be possible to measure installations from the real world, or implementing CWDM and DWDM equiptment