FTTH / Fiber To The Home – Kurser – Duration From two to five weeks

We will build a complete town, with installations corresponding 80 to 400 houses.The course comprises:
Access houses, construction and installation of the POP,  blowing cable and fiber. Installation of street cabinets,
Measuring and documentation
Thus, we will end up with a ready-to-use installation.The duration of the course is dependent on the number of practical exercises.Typically, the duration will be 5 weeks, if the attendants are without fiber experience of any kind, e.g. a newly started firm.On the other hand, if the attendants are experienced with  fiber and just need further training, the duration will be three to four weeks.
The trainee build a complete installation from POP to customer end, everything is tested with an OTDR and OLTS. The POP is connected up to Internet, Analog TV and IPTV, and we connect a TV at the customer end to see it working. Two installations are built one PTP (two fiber solution) and a GEPON solution.
Frequently, the course will provide opportunities the attendants to get several certifications
Typical session certification duration
FTTH Installation CFOT 6 days
Blowing fiber Condux, Prysmian 2 days
Blowing cables Condux 1 day
OTDR/OLTS measurements CFOT/T 5 days
FTTH design CFOT/H 3 days
Fiber design CFOT/D 3 days