VeEX opx-box OTDR – Kurser – duration 4 days

In this course we will go through OTDR principles. You will learn how to perform many measurements in practice, how to analyse the measurements, and what to be aware of.

The course is a mix of theory and practice, and we will use an OTDR from VeEX the opx-box. In brief, the course comprises:
Setting of different parameters
OTDR Measuring in practice
Transferring measurement data to pc
How to analyse results

You will exercise measuring many types of installations, comprising the many different fiber stretches you may encounter. There will be time for investigating the many types of dead zones. You will learn what an OTDR may tell you about different kinds of connectors, dirty connectors, good and bad splices, bends as well as shadows  and “ghosts”.

This course may be extended to four days otherwise held as three days, containing many more practical measurements. We will also analyze existing measurements, and it will be possible to measure on real installations.