LAN Certification – Duration five days

Building a certified LAN installation

Many copper installations are not made in a correct way, resulting in an installation which cant deliver the throughput

Durung the corse you will build different office installations pased on twisted pair cabling. You will build a structured installation, based on standards and regulations

You will work with ISO11801, EN50173, and TIA/EIA 568, requirements for cables, connecters and so on. The installation will be built and connected up with a  fiberoptic  backbone . Look at installing routers and switches on the network. You will place an Access Point.

You will measure and certify the complete installations, and print customer rapports, and be able to explain all the measurement results, NEXT, FEXT and so on

You will build both an STP and UTP installation, being able to choose between the two types- screened and unscreened.

You will have a good understanding of the jargon, CAT5,6, class E,F STP,UTP,SSTP,POE and so on.

You will get two certifications The FOA CPCT and also the FlukeNetworks CCTT – copper