CFOT FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician – Duration five days

Building a copmlete fiberoptic installation, preparing cables, fibers, splicing, mounting connectors, and simple attenuation and OTDR measurements. About 50% theory and 50% hands on. The course ends with the posability of a CFOT certification

The first day starts with fiber theory, the different types of fibers, IL(Insertion Loss) and RL(Return Loss), Fiber optic safty, and finishes with cable preperation, this is removing the outer sheath, and removing tubes, and cleaning the fibers. The cable prepaired is a Loosetube gel filled cable.

The second day is more theory, with connecters, IL and RL values, an introduction to CD and PMD. And the lab is splicing. this is fusion splicing, and the start of splicing the prepaired fibers from the first day.

The third day is measuring, OLTS(Optical Loss Test Set), on premade installations and continued splicing on the installation we are building. On the third day we also build an installation with pre polsihed connecters, using tifgt buffer cable.

The fourth day is budgets and standards, calculating the loss for the built installation, how to desing an installation between two racks, and the labs, is finishing the installation, measuring with the OLTS, looking for mistakes, wich can be found during the measuring.

The fith day is an introduction to OTDR testing, and all the built installations are connected together and tested, this usually totals about 1,5 to 2 Km. In the afternoon we have the CFOT certification