Fiber in hospitals FTTO – OLAN – Duration 10 days

Lots of super hospitals are being built at the moment, or being upgraded, this means that we have to employ lots of new people to solve the problem. They are all being built with Fiber FTTO or OLAN as its called. This gives you a cheaper and more future proof installation. This course takes you through all the theory and all the work processes needed to solve this task
Fiber theory
Fiber safty
OLAN theory (Optical LAN)

Practical labs
Building an ODF (Fiber rack)
Building a distribution point
installation of a duct system (5 or 3 mm)
blowing fiber to the bed or equipment
Installation of the active end equipment
test of the system with OTDR and OLTS (Light Source and Powermeter)
Connecting up the system and seeing it work
Fault finding on the system

You will build a complete installation, consisting of a backbone installation cable, to the floors and a ABF (air blown fiber installation to the end user. A budget is made over the installation and its tested according to relevant standards, with both an OTDR and OLTS (light source and Power meter)

The course finishes with the following certificati0ns CFOT, CFOS/T and CFOS/O including a blown fiber certification