CCTT- Fluke Networks DSX 5000 Copper certification – Duration 1 day

CCTT- Fluke Networks DSX 5000 Copper certification 

This one day certification gives you the ability to be able to certify copper installations up to the latest ISO, TIA and EN standards, be able to test and faultfind installations, and afterwords print documentation to complete the certification using LinkWare.during the training we use  Flukes DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, and finish of with a test resulting in a certification from Fluke.

we look at all the measurments which are are needed, NEXT, FEXT, ACR, and many other including the new ones like TCL, ELTCTL, what you are measuring, and if the installation fails, what is the cause. How do you do alien crosstalk, how many measurements do you need to make.

You will be able to chose the right standard, and will be able to make measuremets faster, and deliver reports to the customer, which will be accepted first time

after the training can proudly carry the CCTT Certified logo

if you would like a copper guide click here