Prysmian Installation certification – Certificeringer – Duration 3 days


Day 1

Blowing EPFU fiber

Handling and preparation of ducts

Handling air

Air safety

handling and adjusting theSicricco blowing machine

Dag 2

Fiber theory, G652D, G657, 200um types


Handling and preparation of cables

Strain reliefing cables and fibers

Handling fibers


Day 3

Budgets in installations

Attenuation measurements (OLTS)

OTDR measurements

analysing results

During the three days the trainees will blow EPFU fiber and prepare cables , splice togeather and measure with OLTS and OTDR. They will also make a budget calculation on the built installation.

Cables, fiber, blowing equipment is all from Prysmian.

Splicer , OLTS , OTDR is your equipment , or we will use Exfo, Agizer, Sumitomo

The training session finishes with a test, giving a certificate. The certification will give you the possibility of 20 year warranty